How does Device Reception test mobile phones and tablets?

Our testing is based on several years of field testing and concentrates on normal network signal levels, where signal bar levels are from 1-3. This is the area, where devices’ performance differs from each other and connectivity problems can be seen.

We are not testing devices’ data speed or voice call performance on strong signal levels, because in these conditions all devices should be working fine. For example, maximum signal levels data speed can be 50-100 Mbps – but on moderate signal levels speed can vary from 2 to 20 Mbps between devices. This is a big difference and for example can be clearly seen when browsing the web.

Device Reception tests the following when evaluating reception performance:

  • 4G data speed
  • WiFi data speed
  • Lowest signal level to receive a 3G voice call
  • Lowest signal level to receive a 2G voice call

Testing is done in laboratory conditions over the air. This is a good way to test devices, as the testing environment can be controlled and test cases are repeatable.

Tests are done in different device positions to understand how antenna design affects the reception performance. This is important because in real life situations it is difficult to know which direction the network signal is coming from.

Testing is provided by RF Benchmark Ltd.